Lance has contributed significantly to the design industry and other initiatives through volunteer service. 


National AIA except as noted.

2019 National Institute Honor Awards jury (Chair, Urban and Regional Design)

2018 AIA Birmingham Design Awards Jury

2018-2019 Board of Directors, AIA San Diego

2015-2018 Committee on the Environment (COTE) Advisory Group

2015-2016 Energy Leadership Group

2013-2015 Energy Education Working Group

2013 COTE Top Ten Awards jury

2012-2015 Building Research Information Knowledgebase (BRIK) Advisory Committee

2011 Small Projects Awards jury

2008 Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice reviewer

2006-2008 COTE Adjunct Advisory Group

2007 50to50 Toolkit Working Group

2006-2007 Co-author, COTE report, Ecology and Design: Ecological Literacy in Architectural Education

2006 Co-chair/speaker, Committee on Design conference, “The Architecture of Sustainability”

2006 COTE Top Ten Measures of Sustainable Design working group

2006 Chair, Committee on Design “House for an Ecologist” design competition

2005 Solar Decathlon Presidential Citation Award jury

2004 Committee on Design “New Home on the Range” design competition jury


2015-2018 LEED Advisory Committee (Chair, 2015-2016)

2016-2018 LEED Fellow Evaluator

2015-2016 LEED Steering Committee

2015 Greenbuild Program Working Group

2013-2015 Market Advisory Committee

2014-present Social Equity Working Group

2013-2014 Chair, Market Advisory Committee Retail Sub-Committee

2014 Building Materials “Data Jam”

2014  Invited expert, “Materials Health: The Architect’s Evolving Role”

2013 Executive Leadership in Sustainability Advisors

2006 Jury, “Natural Talent” Design Competition


2019 Jury, Architecture MasterPrize

2018 Jury, Architecture MasterPrize

2018 Advisory Board, Rood Wood Johnson Foundation research program, "Exploring Participation in Public Health Efforts"

2017 Jury, Austin Green Awards

2015-2016 East Coast Congress, Living Building Challenge

2012-2017 Board of Directors, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

2013 Jury, Livable Building Awards, Berkeley Center for the Built Environment

2013 Jury, California Architectural Foundation Mel Ferris Scholarship Program

2013 Advisory Committee, SXSW Eco

2013-2014 Review Committee, Terrapin Bright Green, 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design

2011 Jury, UK Green Awards

2009 Dean’s Advisory Group, Savannah College of Art and Design School of Building Arts

2009 Jury, Green Dot Awards

2008 Jury, Metropolis “Next Generation” design prize

2008 Jury, Architecture for Humanity’s Open Architecture Challenge

2007 Jury, EPA Life Cycle Building Challenge

2005 Founding member, SEED: Social/ Economic/Environmental Design

2001-2003 Advisory Committee, Berkeley Prize