LEDGE HOUSE, Charlottesville, VA

An “eco-modern” alternative housing development developed by multiple architects, RiversEdge builds on the idea that each house is an integral part of a community. To that end, the master plan centers on a common garden that substitutes the conventional private yard for a communal green abutting a public park on the Rivanna River. The houses are knitted into a densely wooded property that slopes down to the park. Rain gardens on the edge of the development benefit both private and public property. The Ledge House, named for its topographical perch, cradles a terrace garden overlooking the common greenway below. The “private” areas lie within a simple two-story volume composed of modular framing and sustainably harvested wood cladding. Industrial steel grating is used as economical shading. The Living/Dining area is a curved metal section that shields the low afternoon sun and traffic noise from the street but opens toward the morning light and the view of the garden, park, and river beyond.

PRESS: Published Residential Architect, Charlottesville Daily Progress, Cville Weekly.