Lance has published numerous opinion pieces and critical essays for METROPOLIS, Architectural Record, ARCHITECTURE, and other magazines. Some of these have been among the first on their topics in the popular design media. For example, the 2005 essay “The Ethics of Brick” was an early call for design to consider social equity through strategic materials selection, and that essay influenced the founding of the SEED Network. The same year, an article in ARCHITECTURE magazine (“Green Design: All Skin and No Bones?”) argued for more innovation in structural design, a key discipline for sustainable performance.


What Happened to the House,” Architectural Record, April, 2019
Analysis shows that the single-family residence has all but disappeared from the canon of architecture.

4 Fundamental Relationships Between Buildings and Machines,” Building Design + Construction, April, 2019.
Automation is fundamentally changing the relationships between buildings and machines.

Our Robotic Future.” Building Design & Construction, January, 2019
A year-long series on how AI and automation are affecting design and construction.

Are Pictures of Earth Backfiring?” TreeHugger, December 29, 2018
Our task is to rediscover the immersive, sensory experience of terrain.

Beyond the Punch List,” Metropolis, November/December, 2018
Post-occupancy studies still are not common practice. What might accelerate their adoption?

"Where Architects Stand on Climate Change," Architectural Record, April 11, 2017
A new survey reveals much about the profession’s views and knowledge.

"Architects' Original Sin," Architectural Record, April 1, 2017
The profession must demonstration more leadership to atone for climate change.

"The Green Building Wars," METROPOLIS, August 29, 2014
Is Green Globes a credible alternative to LEED?

"Is this the great decline of the green building movement?" GreenBiz, September 4, 2014
Green building shows all the signs of a social movement at a crossroads.

"The Fountainhead All Over Again," METROPOLIS, October 11, 2013
The infamous story continues to haunt the profession.

"Why Architects Must Lead," GreenBiz, March 19, 2013
Six steps to transforming the architecture profession. 

"The Ethics of Brick," METROPOLIS, June 1, 2005
How building materials relate to social equity. Coined the term "material justice." 

"Green Design: All Skin and No Bones? ARCHITECTURE, August, 2005
The discipline of structural design is ripe for innovation. An early article on the topic. 

"Food for Thought," Architectural Record, November 1, 2003
The links between architecture and cuisine demonstrate the links between culture and place.  

"Why the Future of Architecture Doesn't Need Us," Architectural Record, June 1, 2002
Emerging technologies could revolutionize both the theory and practice of architecture.

"Hearing Voices," Metropolis, May, 2002
Establishing an artistic identity may be essential for an architect, but it doesn't always result in better architecture.