From 2013 to 2018, Lance authored four dozen articles on design for the Huffington Post, one of the ten most-read websites. The series focused on innovation in the built environment, specifically how architects can develop new ways to improve the value of design. For example, the 2014 article “Redesigning Innovation” outlined how greater ingenuity is needed among architects to create new forms that can address new challenges. “Toward a Science of Design” (2015) argued that the profession might benefit from thinking of architecture more as science than as art. A series of these articles led to Lance winning the American Institute of Architects’ 2018 Sarah Conroy Prize for criticism.


"Architecture's Great Divide," May 7, 2017
Recent architecture criticism misunderstands the relationship between design and sustainability. 

"What's in an -ISM?" October 16, 2017
Stylistic labels can limit how people see architecture. 

"A Brief History of 'Sustainability'" November 9, 2016
The word means much more than conventional wisdom suggests. 

"Toward A Science of Design," November 23, 2015
What if architecture were inspired more by science than by art?

"Why Architecture Isn't Art (And Shouldn't Be)," November 2, 2015
The very concept of architecture could be misleading both the public and the profession.

"The Seven Lamps of Architecture Criticism," April 17, 2015
What is the “serious criticism” of architecture?

"The Six Myths of Sustainable Design," March 8, 2015
Green building isn’t as difficult as you might think.

"Redesigning Innovation," October 3, 2014
To meet the challenge of sustainability, architects need to reinvent how they work.

"Stop Building. Now." November 14, 2013
A thought experiment about the benefits of temporarily halting all new construction. 

"The Healthy Materials Myth,"  July 31, 2013
Does taking the toxic chemicals out of a building material really make it “healthy”?