AZURE COAST TOWER, Qingdao, Shandong, China

Design Advisor with RTKL

Conceived as a vertical city, including offices, hotel, dining, residences, and retail, the 400-meter tower links surrounding neighborhoods, business districts, and government center, aiming to become the central landmark for the region. The shape of the super-highrise is designed to reduce wind loads by facilitating air flow, while the serrated surface modulates wind velocity to avoid too much acceleration, saving significantly on structural material and costs. The fins also shade the glazing to avoid undue heat gain and provide ample surfaces for building-integrated solar panels. An upper-floor atrium facilitates passive ventilation. The project was intended to become the world's first net-zero-energy skyscraper and a model for climate-conscious development in China.

AWARDS: WAN Future Project Awards, Global Architecture and Design Awards

PRESS: World Architecture News